2023 Progress Summit

The Broadbent Institute will hold its 2023 Progress Summit from March 8 to 10, 2023, at the Delta Hotel in Ottawa. The Canadian Climate Institute will participate in two sessions:

Three Winning Messages on Climate Action: March 9, 2 to 2:10 pm EST

Rick Smith, Caroline Lee, Mike Williams (Center for American Progress)

With one of the warmest winters on record in many parts of Canada, and summers full of extreme heat, storms and flooding, the reality of climate change is more obvious than ever before. Even still, resistance to productive solutions remains. How can effective climate action address the cost of living, grow the economy, and make our communities safer?

The Energy Transition: Empowering Climate Justice and Action: March 9, 4:45 to 5:45 pm EST

Caroline Lee, Rita Rahmati (Canada’s Building and Trades Unions), Nate Wallace (Environmental Defence)

Climate action in Canada to reduce emissions largely means a transition away from fossil fuels, and an energy transition towards electrification. This means increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, electrifying the transportation sector, and building up electricity generating capacity to meet increased consumption without fossil fuels. This expert panel will take stock of how labour and environmental movements can forge unity to accelerate climate action and ensure justice in the energy transition.