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What We Do

The Canadian Climate Institute is Canada’s leading climate change policy research organization. We produce rigorous analysis, economic modelling, and in-depth research focused on three main priorities:

  • Incentivizing clean economic growth and low-carbon competitiveness,
  • Reducing emissions and accelerating Canada’s net zero energy transition
  • Making our economy and infrastructure more resilient to a warming climate.

The strength of our work is rooted in our independence, and in the diversity and depth of the expertise of our staff, board, expert panels, and advisors.

The Institute’s staff develop and execute our major research projects independently from start to finish. We retain full control of our research priorities, methods, results, conclusions and external communications, regardless of the source of funding. Our major research projects also undergo formal peer review processes before publication, with the lists of external reviewers published at the back of each report. 

We ground our research in real-world perspectives and bring our research alive through robust government relations, stakeholder and rights holder engagement, and impactful communications approaches. We regularly seek technical input and share our research findings and policy insights with decision-makers in all orders of government and across the political spectrum to offer independent, evidence-based advice on how to ensure climate policies are practical, evidence-based, economically sound, and effective.

We produce custom data, original analysis and timely insight on key indicators of Canada’s climate policy progress, through our bilingual, open-source portal,

The Institute is a founding member of the International Climate Councils Network (ICCN), an organization that facilitates collaboration and mutual support between Climate Councils from around the world.