COP 27, Circularity for Climate: Leveraging Circular Economy to Accelerate the Net-Zero Transition

Hosted by Environment and Climate Change Canada

COP 27 Panel featuring RICK SMITH
President, Canadian Climate Institute  

Recent studies suggest the circular economy can help mitigate the 45% of global GHG emissions linked to how we make and use products, and how we produce food and manage land (Ellen MacArthur Foundation).  The circular economy seeks to shift from the current linear (take-make-dispose) model of economic growth to a model based on three principles: i) design out waste and pollution, ii) keep products and materials in use, and iii) regenerate natural systems.  

This session will explore how circular economy approaches can support climate change mitigation efforts. It will explore pathways to decarbonization through increased circularity, with case studies from key sectors. Experts from government, non-governmental organizations, and academia will discuss current efforts and best practices, and identify opportunities for further action on the circular economy to support climate ambition.  

Date: 11 November, 3:00 pm local time in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (8:00 am Eastern Standard Time).