Sink or Swim: a Provincial Snapshot of Canada’s Transition

at the GLOBE Forum 2022

With: Canadian Institute for Climate Choices, Ontario Power Generation, Vancouver Maritime Center for Climate and more

Global capital markets are awakening to new net-zero opportunities. Where does Canada fit in this transition? In its recent report Sink or Swim: Transforming Canada’s economy for a global low-carbon future, the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices looked to answer this question. In this session, we’ll build on the Institute’s findings with a focused snapshot of British Columbia’s transition readiness and dig into questions including: 

  • What are some of the biggest tensions for B.C.’s net-zero transition?
  • How can B.C. become more competitive through global transition?
  • Which sectors are transition-ready and which are transition-vulnerable?
  • How will the low-carbon transition affect workers, communities and Indigenous Peoples?