Image credit: RonTech2000

ULI BC: Climate Change and the Effects on Urban Planning and Home Building in BC

Through a recent ULI research report, the organization has identified climate change as a significant factor to consider moving forward in urban planning and home building. 

In 2021, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) identified 18 separate billion-dollar disasters in the United States alone. BC has had its own climate change-related challenges including catastrophic Fraser Valley flooding and a summer heat that stayed well into the month of October 2022. Wildfires and air quality also continue to be a consideration as Vancouver experienced a period this summer with the poorest air quality in the world.  

In recognition of the growing impact posed by climate risk, countries worldwide are adopting new regulations and implementing new steps when planning and executing the building of homes and other urban structures. Real estate developers in markets across the globe are facing new considerations related to climate change, including a lack of clear industry norms or guidance.

When: November 8, 3pm-4pm EST