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Experts available to comment on National Adaptation Strategy

The Canadian Climate Institute has bilingual adaptation experts available to comment on the forthcoming release of Canada’s National Adaptation Strategy.

Our experts have a deep understanding of Canada’s adaptation policy landscape and what needs to happen to prepare and protect communities from the ongoing and increasingly severe impacts of climate change. 

In Spring 2022 the Institute published research outlining the four essential aspects of an effective and robust federal adaptation strategy: Closing Canada’s Adaptation Gap: Key elements of a National Adaptation Strategy

Those essential aspects include: 

  • setting national adaptation priorities based on risk and establishing measurable goals and outcomes for each major risk Canada faces; 
  • identifying short-term policy priorities that are actionable in the immediate term;
  • defining improved governance processes to improve efficiency and coordination; and,
  • creating a framework for measuring progress.

To speak to one of our experts, please contact: 

Dave Mitchell

Senior Communications Specialist


And stay tuned: Shortly following the National Adaptation Strategy’s release, the Institute will publish an in-depth analysis, clearly assessing how well it prepares Canada for a changing climate and expanding on both its strengths and shortcomings.