Image credit: Marcel Conrad

IESO’s Pathways to Decarbonization report

“The IESO’s Pathways to Decarbonization report confirms that a non-emitting electricity grid is doable in Ontario. By focusing on energy efficiency and demand-side management, transmission and storage, nuclear energy, as well as solar and wind power, Ontario can meet growing demand for clean electricity and get off gas-fired generation.”

“Investors and businesses are keen on a moratorium on new gas-fired electricity in Ontario, because clean electricity supply is increasingly being prioritized by manufacturers. It also offers all businesses a way of meeting their net zero goals.”

“The study will be helpful for energy planning and policy-making in Ontario. Still, it leaves questions about how heavily Ontario will rely on the gas-fired capacity it already has and is developing—and when it will phase it out entirely. It is possible to get off gas well before the study’s 2050 target.”

Climate Institute research shows that a switch from fossil fuels to clean electricity will allow Ontarians to spend less of their incomes on energy. By following this IESO study with a climate-aligned energy planning process and well-designed procurement tools, the Government of Ontario can make a measurable difference in positioning Ontario’s economy for success and making life more affordable for all Ontarians.” 

– Jason Dion, Mitigation Research Director, Canadian Climate Institute