Claudine Brulé

Communications & Media Relations Specialist
Toronto, ON

Claudine Brulé is a seasoned communications specialist and a versatile journalist with a rich background in radio, television, and web reporting. She has extensive experience covering a wide array of topics, including economic, judicial, and social stories, with a special focus on politics where she held the role of political correspondent at Queen’s Park. Her multifaceted career, highlighted by diverse roles across different Canadian provinces, showcases her profound understanding of the national landscape and her adeptness in engaging with a multitude of audiences. In her role at a government agency, Claudine actively contributed to fostering relationships and dialogue between Canadians, highlighting her dedication to promoting understanding and connection across communities.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Claudine’s dedication deeply permeates into her volunteer work, reflecting a heartfelt commitment to nurturing and supporting the Francophone identity within her community. Her actions, both in her career and volunteer efforts, are driven by a sincere passion for fostering understanding and connectivity, bridging professional excellence with community service.