Erik Sparling

Erik is Vice President of the Climate Risk Institute.  He has 15 years’ experience providing and overseeing delivery of research, analysis, training, and decision-support services for the management of climate-related risks across various infrastructure and natural resource sectors. He has delivered these services as Policy Advisor at the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE), lead climate change adaptation resource at the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Director of the Climate Group at Risk Sciences International (RSI), and National Program Manager at the Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS). Key accomplishments have included: initial development of the NRTEE program on climate change adaption policy; delivery of the first suite of nationally-accredited infrastructure adaptation guidelines and standards; delivery of main portions of the Northern Infrastructure Standardization Initiative (providing climate change adaptation standards for the Canadian North); leadership in the development of various climate change risk analytical tools and assessments; and, various contributions to the early development of the CCCS.