Jordan Peterson

Clean Growth Panel
Whitehorse, YT

Jordan Peterson is a steadfast champion for Indigenous rights in Canada, bringing together an impressive blend of political insight and technical acumen. With a decade of hands-on experience, Jordan’s relentless pursuit of justice for Indigenous communities has cemented his legacy in safeguarding their rights, interests, and ancestral titles. Based in Whitehorse, YT, Jordan’s keen analytical abilities, attention to detail, and adept negotiation skills have elevated his stature among governmental bodies, making him a beacon of hope and representation for the land’s first peoples.

Serving as the Deputy Grand Chief (DGC) of the Gwich’in Tribal Council, Jordan’s influence was immediately felt. He spearheaded numerous initiatives, leading efforts in economic development, forging stronger intergovernmental relations, and served as the chief negotiator for the Gwich’in Nation. His influence only grew when he assumed the role of Co-Chair at the Gwich’in Council International (GCI). GCI took pivotal steps on the circumpolar stage within the Arctic Council, championing projects like the Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy, and is responsible for developing the energy toolkit, Arctic environmental impact assessment and wildland fire.

At Affinity North, Jordan’s vision as the Owner/Operator has been nothing short of transformative. His unwavering commitment has been pivotal in guiding Indigenous groups, businesses, and governmental bodies towards a future marked by respect for Indigenous rights and fostering strengthened relationships. With Jordan’s mentorship, numerous sectors have revamped their policies and business strategies and cultivated deeper, more meaningful ties with Indigenous communities, ensuring a harmonious alignment with their core values.

Jordan’s ingenuity knows no bounds. He achieved a significant milestone as the visionary and chief negotiator behind the Gwich’in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement Treaty Modernization Team (GCLCATMT). The team’s commendable efforts were recognized with the 2019-2020 Premier’s Award for Excellence, presented by Premier Caroline Cochrane. This accolade, the first of its kind, highlighted the GCLCATMT’s pioneering approach to reshaping the landscape of treaty rights in Canada.