Mira Oreck

Vancouver, BC

Mira Oreck has spent her career advancing progressive public policy through politics, government and civil society.

She currently serves as the Executive Director at The Houssian Foundation, a family foundation committed to advancing gender equality, climate and conservation and resilient communities through grant-making, impact investing and leveraging partnerships.

Prior to this role, Ms Oreck served as Director of Stakeholder Relations to Premier John Horgan where she was responsible for building and sustaining external relationships to further the policy agenda of the Premiers Office.

Ms Oreck was the Director of Public Engagement for the Broadbent Institute where she ran democratic engagement campaigns and led issue-based trainings across Canada. Mira spent several years working in New York City, serving as Vice President at Moore+Associates where she managed award-winning pro-Obama ads. Previously, Ms Oreck served as the Director of Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific Region and worked as a campaigner to protect the Great Bear Rainforest.

Outside of work, Ms Oreck enjoys adventures outdoors with her husband, two kids and ten-year old dog.