2030 Emissions Reduction Plan

To confront the threat of a warming and increasingly volatile climate, the federal government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas pollution by 40 to 45 per cent by 2030 on the path to net zero emissions by 2050.

To reach its 2030 and 2050 climate goals, Canada must shift toward the implementation of ambitious climate policy that builds on the established framework.

The publication of Canada’s first Emissions Reduction Plan is a watershed moment in Canada’s net zero transition, and the Canadian Climate Institute is here to ensure decision makers have the tools they need to successfully catalyze that transition.

Our framework

Prior to the publication of the Emissions Reduction Plan, we published our framework for an effective Emissions Reduction Plan that draws on the Emissions Accountability Act, international best practices in stocktaking, policy expertise from the Institute’s Expert Panels, and the Institute’s experience in independent policy assessment.

Our statement

Building off of the assessment framework established in our recent report Setting Canada Up for Success: A framework for Canada’s Emissions Reduction Planswe will publish a thorough analysis and modeling of the Plan’s underlying methodologies and conclusions in the coming days to independently assess if Canada’s approach is on track to meet our emissions reduction obligations.

Our publications


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