Environment Commissioner’s report underscores need for speed on finalizing federal climate policies

The Canadian Climate Institute comments on the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development’s new report on federal climate policy.

OTTAWA—Anna Kanduth, Director of the 440 Megatonnes initiative at the Canadian Climate Institute, made the following statement in response to the sixth report released today by the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD) on the Canadian Net Zero Emissions Accountability Act and 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan:    

“The Commissioner’s reports on federal progress to implement its Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) delivers a clear call to action. The Commissioner’s assessment confirms the current array of federal climate policies are a strong foundation, but progress must accelerate. 

“The report notes policies laid out in the ERP are expected to reduce emissions by 34% below 2005 levels by 2030—though that’s not enough to reach Canada’s 2030 target, it is substantial and encouraging progress. Our independent modelling has found that implementing the policies in development would substantially bend the curve on Canada’s emissions. But it’s crunch time: the federal government must move quickly to finalize the full suite of policies in its plan, and then build on them with stronger or additional measures, to deliver the climate action Canadians expect. 

“Greater transparency about policy implementation progress is essential for accountability and to prioritize course correction. We also agree with the Commissioner that more transparent and detailed modelling would provide greater clarity on expected policy outcomes, and options to accelerate progress. By tracking leading indicators of progress—metrics like investment, alongside emissions levels—governments would better understand where Canada is making headway and where challenges remain. This approach is emerging as a global best practice, and something governments across Canada should work to adopt. 

“The costs of climate change are hitting Canadians harder than ever, and the urgency to accelerate Canada’s clean energy transition is only increasing. All governments across the country have a role to play in building a prosperous net zero economy and working toward Canada’s climate targets. There’s no time to lose.”  


Krystal Northey 

Canadian Climate Institute 



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