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The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices is an unparalleled collaboration of experts from a diverse range of disciplines and organizations across the country. We undertake rigorous and independent research, insightful analysis and broad engagement to bring clarity to the climate challenges and transformative policy choices ahead for Canada.


Staff authors

Dale Beugin, Vice President Research, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices Jason Dion, Mitigation Research Director, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices Anna Kanduth, Research Associate, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
Caroline Lee, Senior Research Associate, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices Dave Sawyer, Chief Economist, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices
Jonathan Arnold, Senior Research Associate, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Expert review

We thank the following individuals for providing expert review of this paper: Catherine Abreu, Executive Director, Climate Action Network
Alan Andrews, Program Director, Climate, Ecojustice
Julia Croome, Lawyer, Ecojustice

Andrew Gage, Staff Lawyer, West Coast Environmental Law
Graeme Reed, Indigenous Advisor
Tracy Snoddon, Associate Professor, Economics, Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University

Mitigation panel members

Louis Beaumier, Directeur exécutif, Institut de l’énergie Trottier
Kathryn Harrison, Professor of Political Science, University of British Columbia
Mark Jaccard, Director and Distinguished Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Campaign Director at Indigenous Climate Action and a fellow at the David Suzuki Foundation David Layzell, Director, Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research (CESAR), University of Calgary
Justin Leroux, Associate Professor of Economics, HEC Montreal
Nancy Olewiler, Professor, School of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University
Catherine Potvin, Canada Research Chair, Climate Change Mitigation and Tropical Forests, McGill University
Nicholas Rivers, Canadian Research Chair, Climate and Energy Policy, University of Ottawa
Jennifer Winter, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Scientific Director, Energy and Environmental Policy Research Division, University of Calgary

Production support

Design and layout | Laurie Barnett, Graphic Designer
Proofreading | Julie Stauffer, Cadmium Red Communications (English); Laurence Jutras (French) Translation | Edgar

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Recommended citation:
Beugin, D., J. Dion, A. Kanduth, C. Lee, D. Sawyer, and J. Arnold. 2020. Marking the Way: How legislating climate milestones clarifies pathways to long-term goals. Canadian Institute for Climate Choices.

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