The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices acknowledges the support and guidance provided by the following individuals in the development of this report.

Staff Authors

Jonathan Arnold
Senior Research Associate,
Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Dale Beugin
Vice President Research,
Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Rachel Samson
Director Clean Growth,
Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Other Support

Kathy Bardswick
Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Julia Kilpatrick
Vice President Communications and Engagement,
Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Sylvain Lortie
Administrator and translator,
Solutions SL

Meredith MacKinlay
Lead Designer,
Egg Design

Nicholas Schulz
Communications Advisor,
Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

Alex Wittholz
Helios Design Labs

Expert Peer Reviews

Don Drummond
Stauffer-Dunning Fellow,
Queen’s University

Blair Feltmate
Head, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation,
University of Waterloo

Deborah Harford
Executive Director,
Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT),
Simon Fraser University Climate Solutions Fellow,
SFU Centre for Dialogue Adjunct Professor,
School of Resource and Environmental Management, SFU

Sara Hastings-Simon
Research Fellow,
University of Calgary

Glen Hodgson
Economist, Financial Consultant, Senior Fellow,
C.D. Howe Institute

Brian Horton
Manager, Northern Climate ExChange,
Yukon College, Yukon Research Centre

David Layzell
Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research (CESAR),
University of Calgary

Andrew Leach
Associate Professor,
Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta

Ian Mauro
Principal, Richardson College for the Environment Executive Director,
Prairie Climate Centre University of Winnipeg

Nancy Olewiler
Professor, School of Public Policy,
Simon Fraser University

Catherine Potvin
Canada Research Chair,
Climate Change Mitigation and Tropical Forests,
McGill University

Jennifer Robson
Associate Professor, Political Management,
Kroeger College, Carleton University

Francis Zwiers
Director, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium,
University of Victoria

This project was undertaken with the financial support of: