New project: The future of building heat and Canada’s gas networks on the path to net zero

The Canadian Climate Institute has started research on optimal pathways to reaching net zero in the buildings sector, including what role building electrification, alternate fuels, and existing gas networks will play.

This project seeks to understand the future of space heating and the gas network in Canada by combining:

  • modelling of the technological pathways to decarbonizing buildings, recognizing that pathways may differ by province,
  • evaluation of cost implications of these pathways for energy systems, including potential impact on utility rates,
  • assessments of other factors such as system resilience and reliability.

Stay tuned for our final report, which will be released in early 2024,  providing policy recommendations on how to accelerate decarbonization in the buildings sector. In the meantime, we will publish a series of related scoping papers and case studies, which can be found below. We will also be publishing interim research on heat pumps.


Scoping papers and case studies

As part of this project related to achieving net zero in the buildings sector, the Institute has commissioned a series of case studies on topics relating to the building sector and gas system.

Case studies

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